Hi !

I'm Asmita

a dedicated student with a fervent interest in creating seamless digital experiences, I am eager to contribute to the field of UX with my unique blend of skills and experiences. My journey in UX began with a curiosity-driven exploration of various coding languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, react-native, and python.


Since we were small, we have seen our parents making notes or maintaining records of the spending they have made but we don't even consider it important to record them because we don't understand the main reason for doing that which is to get a basic understanding of how much, where we are spending on and how we can optimize it. And for this purpose, I have developed 'ExpenSave'. With the help of ExpenSave, user can record their daily based on their nature and can earn rewards on their payment using the app. 

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My Version of Instagram

80% of internet users use Instagram and a single change in its feature can make a huge difference in its User Experience. So to make it better and as a user myself, I have analyzed it; and after receiving some other user feedback, I have tried to enhance some of its existing features and added some new features.

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